Training Tips

How to Ride in the Heat – Nutrition

June 12 2019, Wednesday


  1. Eat a light breakfast a small portion of rice and complete, 2-3 hours before to ride or if that’s too early to eat, just grab some sticky rice.
  2. If you are riding longer then 60-90 minutes then you need to be eating approx. 30mg of Carbohydrates every 30 minute there are some great sources of perfect carbohydrates.
  • Bananas- 1 every 30 minutes
  • Dates- a handful every 30 minutes
  • Raisins- a headful every 30 minutes
  • Dried bananas- one every 30 minutes
  • Gels –one every 60 minutes * DANGER see below
  • Homemade energy bars (please see my Facebook page for recopies)

Gels in a Thai climate can actually cause cramp, if you are dehydrated or eat too many then your intestines don’t have sufficient water to digest them, the intestines will suck in water from the muscles possibly causing cramp. Always drink half a bottle of water with every gel. If you do feel signs of cramp, then drink a whole bottle of water to help your intestines digest it. I suggest you alternate your nutrition to prevent cramp

  • 30 minutes a gel
  • 60 minutes banana
  • 90 minutes dates or raisins
  • 120 minutes gel

What to Avoid

  • Sugary drinks like Coke
  • Chocolate bars
  • Cookies

These are all have a very high sugar content and will give you an instant sugar rush and energy boost for a short time but then your sugar levels will crash and you will feel worse than before , feel dizzy and no power.

Try these tips and enjoy your ride.