Training Tips

How to Ride in the Heat – Hydration

July 8 2019, Monday

How many of you have cramped on a ride? Cycling in the high temperatures of Thailand means you need a unique approach Hydration and nutrition and not the European TIPS you will see copy and pasted on the Internet. Did you know losing 1-2kg of water in sweat can result in a 30% loss of power and speed?


  1. Hydration is a daily process, not just for riding, You should be drinking at least 2 litres of pure water daily at work and home so your body is constantly hydrated. If you start your ride dehydrated then you are asking for trouble. This will saturate your body cells leaving your body and skin in great condition
  2. On your weekend ride try and drink 500ml of water before you start your ride either for breakfast or your drive to your starting place.
  3. ALWAYS carry 2 X 750ml bottles of water on your bike and drink one bottle every 30-45 minutes, its far better to stop at a 7-11 store and top up than continue dehydrated.
  4. Add 1/2 sachet of electrolytes to your water, this will help replace the salts lost in sweating and balance your blood electrolytes to prevent you from cramping. You can buy them very cheap at 7-11 for 5 baht, they are the same content as the expensive brand names. Take a few spare sachets in your pocket to use when you top up your water bottle later in your ride.