Training Tips

Plan your Eating for Winning! Part 1

October 8 2018, Monday

Nutrition for the weekend event can be challenging. Nutrition mistakes during and around racing and training are one of the most common ways to ruin your ride. Here’s how you can avoid destroying your hard work by making common nutritional mistakes.

Monday – Friday:
Your first focus should be finding the right amount of carbohydrate to recover and maintain muscle glycogen. We recommend doing this by consistently maintaining moderate carbohydrate intake during the week like brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Avoid potting all your carbs into the “oh I have a big day tomorrow” Saturday night meal. NEVER eat more than 250 grams of carbohydrate in one sitting, your body is only able to store a certain amount of carbohydrate as muscle glycogen after that carbohydrate will be stored as fat.

JJ Pro Recommends: choose low-glycemic and ideally gluten-free carbohydrate sources (like rice and quinoa) for midweek meals to avoid spiking blood sugar and inflammatory foods like white pasta and bread.

Don’t skip on the carbs.
We frequently train, warm-up and race at high intensity. It’s easy to view the stress you’re putting on your body as “not important”, but before you cut carbs altogether, remember that it is recovering from exercise that drains muscle glycogen at a much higher rate than other endurance events.

JJ pro recommends: Find a diet that works and stick to it, practice nutrition when training at high intensity, so your body is used to digesting at that intensity, but it’s important to have patience in optimising nutrition for recovery and then racing.

Skip the spicy foods too close to race weekends. We’re huge fans of hot-sauce and ordering Thai food that’s way too spicy to enjoy, but it’s not a good idea on Friday or Saturday evening.

JJ Pro Recommends: Eat something healthy and balanced, if it’s Friday and you have no time to go shopping, then most Min marts like CP, stock healthy ready to go meals now, there is no excuse for not eating a healthy life style Having a week that sets you up for racing on Saturday and Sunday is tough…don’t destroy it by making a dietary mistake.