Hand numbness is unavoidable for long ride.

October 20 2020, Tuesday

We have come up with some tips to relief it.

Most of the cyclists might get the hand numbness problem, especially for long mile cyclists. Hand numbness can be simply cured by shaking hand off and then disappeared for a while. This problem is not too serious but always annoys you. However, let’s check out how to fix this problem in the long run

Let’s get to know about our hands. The problem of hand numbness is from the nerves. The pink nerve is called Ulnar which runs in ring finger and little finger. Another nerve is called median which runs in the thumb finger, index finger, middle finger and partly in ring finger. The cause of numbness is the pressure on either nerves.

Firstly, check if the saddle is flat of level (not inclined or declined). If the saddle is set in declined position (front of the saddle is tipped down), it causes hand numbness. However, if we have properly set up the saddle but hand numbness is remained, we have to look at the way to grab the handle bar. Degree of shifter which is too inclined would cause hand numbness, therefore, we should try to properly set degree of shifter, not too inclined.

If hand numbness is not disappeared, then we have to consider the softness of handle bar tape. Another way to cure the hand numbness is gloves. Use the proper gloves, which are not too tight or too loose.

Perform bike fitting with the expert bike fitter. Bike fitting can finally help you get rid of any numbness. However, there are other reasons that cause hand numbness, such as lack of Vitamin B6 from food.