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Tips for a Safe and Fun Joy Ride at Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2017

August 10 2017, Thursday

Bangkok, 3 August 2017 – Thousands of cyclists across all ages are set to take to the roads of Pattaya this November when the Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2017 takes place on 11-12 November at Siam Country Club Pattaya. A cycling and lifestyle event that celebrates the joy of mobility on two wheels, the Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2017 will see riders take part in a variety of ride categories over the two days, ranging from individual timed rides, a 90-minute fun ride, a team time trial, to the highly-anticipated ‘Ride for All’, this fun and exciting cycling festival is a must-attend outing for families, cycling fans, and friends!

As one reels from that adrenaline rush when cycling on the tracks across Siam Country Club, it’s is also important to learn a few easy tricks to keep yourself, and other riders, safe whilst having the blast of a time!

Who says being predictable is boring?

When you are cycling in a large group, it pays to stick to having a herd mentality. That means, no sudden movement while on your bikes, keep in your line and most importantly, no sudden braking! Ride in a smooth straight line and gaze at the beautiful scenery all you want, but remember to always leave ample space between yourself and the rider in front so that you don’t get caught off-guard by any sudden ninja-like manoeuvring off-guard!

Look ahead and not behind!

Looking back is bad! When you look back, you will cause your bike to change its line of course and speed, and that may create problems for other riders!  But what happens if you hear something behind you, like a crash? Well, just keep looking forward and the bunch will naturally slow and stop.

Hands are your mouth while riding

Cycling in a group can be a lot of fun, and learning some basic signals t can keep you and other riders safe. Below are our top 3 signals to help you be a safer cyclist.

Stop Signal: If there’s only one signal to remember, it’s this! To show riders behind you that you are stopping, don’t do a sudden brake, but put your hand up and make a fist.


Left and Right Turns: This simple and basic signal lets drivers behind you know your desire to turn left or right. Simply extend your arm perpendicular to your body in the direction (left or right) that you want to turn, at least 10 meters before turning. Do not show the signal too last minute.

Alerting Cyclists Behind to a Hazard or Pothole: Sometimes, you may notice a road hazard along the trail, and you want to highlight that to other cyclists. To alert those behind you, simply extend your arm (left or right, depending which side the obstacle is), and point to the road hazard. For a more obvious visual, you can also rotate your arm in small circles.

Now that you have some basic tips to help you be a safe rider, why not join in the great fun at this year’s Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2017 on 11-12 November at Siam Country Club Pattaya? Look at the different riding packages and promotions offered at