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Salaryman Cycling x Mint : Girl on bike

October 22 2019, Tuesday

It might be true that sports can help cure diseases as many people use sports to feel better. Mint, the owner of “Girl on bike” Facebook fanpage*, is also one of them.

She has not worked out so seriously when she was in college. It is probably because she was she was so busy with her education; still she was friendly just like other girls.

However, one day her life turned tough. “Your father is having a cancer”, that was what the doctor told her, and that made her not able to do anything else but listen. She had to stay strong for her father.

She showed everyone that she was happy, but that was just the opposite side of what she actually felt. She felt weak, and started to have a depression, but she did not just let herself suffer from it. She looked for some activities to get herself away from the depression. Back then, cycling has just started to become popular and she was also interested. She needed it just to get herself away from the depression.

One day, a lady, who she knew on social media but hasn’t met before, invited her to ride together because she knew that Mint always cycled alone. Started from Siam to Sao Chingcha and they also went to other places. They also gathered up with RIDE FOR EAT cycling group to ride together.

These activities made Mint want to cycle more. It helped her feel better. The depression she had was just gone, while she got more passionate about cycling. She knew more riders and got more friends. She was invited to join a lady cycling team. Since she was so into cycling, that was almost an undeniable offer. After a bit of a discussion, Mint decided to join the team.

She and her team cycled and had fun together. They participated in a competition sometimes. Mint got more serious on cycling. She practiced more and more and she got better and better. She knew that to get better at cycling, there was no shortcut. It took so much time and only serious practicing could make her achieve her goals. Sometimes, she had an accident that made her stop riding to recover. If she was somebody else, she might have given up since long recovery could make someone feel like they are no longer in the best form. Luckily, she was optimistic enough to not think about herself that way.

You do not need to be in the best shape to be happy. Fast cycling might be fun, but so is slow cycling as it lets you see the beautiful surroundings longer. Happiness starts from your mind. For her, going out to cycle gives her happiness. There is nothing holding her back. Moreover, the more she cycles, the stronger she becomes. What is better than having fun, getting stronger, and meeting friends at the same time?

Our goals are different. Achieving it may make you proud, but do not forget to find happiness along the way before you reach the finish line. Some might have had a bad feeling when they failed, or even no longer cycle, but let’s think about it, we cycle for our own happiness. We challenge for fun. Let’s try to think about what our happiness is and then pursue it. Do not do something just because the others say that it will make you happy.

*ผู้หญิงบ้าพลัง : Girl on bike