Cyclefest News

Safety Message for the Riders

November 3 2017, Friday

Safety Riding

We want a SAFE ride for all participants.

–        All riders are to ride in a safe manner

–        All riders to be aware of the riders around them and be courteous to all

–        Please take notice of signs on the road re warning of turns, narrowing path and general caution signs

–        Be mindful of others going through drink stations on course

–        Take notice of all instructions if given by Marshalls

–        If there is an incident on the course that may affect the race it will be communicated in the following manner:

Staff will wave an amber flag to signify slow down incident ahead

Staff will wave a red flag if the ride has to stop for an emergency

The following will not be tolerated and if reported a rider will be removed from the course:

–        Cutting across fellow riders at speed causing unnecessary breaking that may affect others on the course

–        General jostling or pushing of fellow riders