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Rider of the month – June

June 25 2019, Tuesday

Meet Thanasit Ratchasingh, June’s Rider of the month! He will share with y’all interesting story about his Off Road ride at Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2018


First thing first, it is not so often that I will use my mountain bike in an event because usually I do road bike, but I decided to participate in this event because it had an Off Road ride. I quite expected something exciting like jumping hills. Turns out I fell in love with a big wooden ramp, and I also got a nice pic with it hahaha. The most fun thing was when I rode down from the ramp and found a mud pond. I went ride through it without even falling (I need 2 more ponds like this this year). Sometimes I went up the hill and sometimes there was something like quicksand along the way that actually made my ride a lot more difficult. It was not so difficult to ride, yet not too easy that you can chill along the way. It was very challenging and fun. Also, the event’s atmosphere really felt like an international event. I will probably go there again this year.

by PK Chillver