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How’s Clipless Pedals work?

October 30 2019, Wednesday

Many are concerned about using clipless pedals as they could fall and get injured, if not unlock in time, leading to embarrassment. But did you know that clipless pedals help save stamina? Cyclists input less energy with faster and further output.

Here’s the thing. When biking without cleats and clipless, the momentum becomes a step on the stairs, not cycling. We use both legs to step down the regular pedals similar to that when climbing the stairwell.

Position the left clipless at 1 o’clock, then place the left foot on. Simply wait for the right pedal to effortlessly rotate to 1 o’clock. Put the right foot onto the right pedal. Both the clipless pedals will rotate without using much force. Repeat. Each foot puts in force at different intervals, lacking consistency.

Through clipless pedals, the force is consistent, pushing and pulling in a circling motion—we can truly call it cycling. The following illustration shows which part of the muscle is worked through each cycling motion. As can be seen from the illustration, the 6 to 12 o’clocks of the clipless still allow cyclists to insert force as they ride, as opposed to regular pedals. Because strength is put in throughout the entire circling motion, we are able to constantly cycle without much resistance. We can put in 80 percent of the strength onto the left foot, and 20 percent on the right. The right foot will lessen the exertion of the left. And if power was constantly applied, cyclists would save energy. Similarly, when we run explosively and suddenly stop, we would find it more tiring.

Therefore, we would be less tired hence cycle at a further distance. The major advantage of clipless pedals is when cycling uphill. One foot is for pushing; another, pulling. Also highly effective for speeding up without losing balance, the clipless lock to the cleats. Without regular pedals, feet could lose grip when going fast; therefore, posing a risk of accident. The disadvantage of clipless is when first trying out and forgetting it unlock the cleats. By being mindful, we would be aware to unlock and not fall over.