Cyclefest News


February 14 2018, Wednesday

At Bangkok Bank Bangkok Bank CycleFest 2017, we finished second place for TTT team category. Before the race, I saw each team’s name list then know that it is going to be super tired for me as Thai and foreign top cyclists are here. When looking at the results, I rather look from coaching point of view than look only at rankings. If you do the best yet could not win, it means we are not that good and competitive. However, if we win whereas we are not good, but because the other team failed. This is something we need to talk after the race for improvement. Because the WLC’s motto is “We are here to be the best cyclists that we can be” in short, “Here to be the best” which means that we are in the family together to be a cyclist.

Analyzing the race in terms of fitness of our athlete, I would say the team is more than ready, but the fitness technique is not that smooth as we often do often pace line. I made a wrong decision by having the team bringing TT. The U-turn is very challenging. This track requires many techniques but unfortunately, the team has no idea about the route except me. Next year, I think it would be best to bring road bike with aero bar there are two rounds of U-turn, 4 sharp curves and uphill with no speed loading

Reviewing the course, it is 4 laps race with a complete road closure and that why we ride safely and confidently. The route is also challenging. The event is well-organized in terms of F&B, souvenirs, rest area for cheering team, parking lot, toilets and entertainment. The best I have seen in Thailand. I am very impressed and will surely be back next year. – Nattakrit Thewpaingarm

After being quiet for almost 2 months after completing the NRT, this time, the big brother, P’Trong has organized another meeting again but more thrilling than usual by having 3 teams to join the Team Time Trial category under Satit Tumwan A group.

The finish time was fine at 2:12Hrs. Not bad for the first time with teammates who are new to each other as we all came to experience new things, to meet and to enjoy.

Personally, I think our purpose is not to race and win. It is all about meeting with people and the cyclist idols.

Thank you everyone especially Pathumwan Demonstration team that invited me to join.  Another great friendship. It was so glad meeting you all. The event is so fun that I drove home with a smile. – Apisit

Alhamdulilah. Done my 3rd Thailand Race this year. Managed to secure no 27/274 participants. It was very tough race when you have all the best cyclists in Thailand in this hilly (rollercoster) criterium competing for the best place. I was a bit lucky to still have energy left till the finishing. Definitely will come back and get better results. Thanks to the Nich Cycling Team & Fluke Harin (Hero Bike) that helpedme through out the race. Thanks to my biggest supporter Jammari Yo. Hope to participate more Thailand Race in 2018 – Esham Shahlin 

Thank you IMG & NichRepublic crew. This is considered a raised standard for Thailand’s cycling event. Thank you for being there for all cyclists.

Thank you to all cyclists for bringing the victories and joining. Thanks to the working crew. It was an enjoyable event.  – Line Chat

It was so enjoyable that I forgot I came here to compete. Hahaha! Bangkok Bank CycleFest was very well-organized. Time and crew management are also great. Surprisingly, the road closure is a complete one, so we cycle comfortably and safely.  Zero accident for TTT category as I remembered.

This is an approx. 15-km race nearby the golf course. The route is rolling hill which is not very steep with the grade not over 8%. Each round requires a 2rounds U-turn. Therefore 4 laps race would require 8 U-turns in total which is the point where cyclist must plan ahead well. Flag off time is 1.30PM with 1-minute wave.

We were almost the last team being released at the start line. Suddenly around the 1st km, it rained heavily. Before the race, we have discussed that if the rain comes, safety is our priority and we will not expect much for the results. In fact, it rained like a storm. Our faces were so hurt that we rarely see the route.  Somehow, luckily P.Tong speeded up and led, then no one stopped but safety is what we kept in mind. That is why we almost stopped the bike for each U-Turn. This round we aimed to stick together and lead every turn with the heartrate at 195.  We finished at Av speed 40.1 km/H, time 1.33.55 AV HR 187bpm. I could say that rolled until the last min.

Another impressive one is this event had all the good branded food and provide a great opportunity to meet the world legend, Jens Voigt’s “Shut Up Leg” and Marc Ryan, Olympic gold medalist. They joined in the activities with Thai cyclists. Not to mention, I am surprised by the giveaways in the backpack like Jersey, Buff cloth, 2 inflatable bangers, USB light which suites me in the Survivor mode. And the spectators cheered on every team. – Tar Supamit Archanun 

This weekend with Bangkok Bank CycleFest @Siam Country Club Pattaya.

Claimed another podium in Female Open #2 by Nui Nattamon. Congratulations to all winners. There is still one category to go, Team Time Trial. Stay tuned! And Join us to cheer up our cyclists on Sunday! – LensoCycling 

Mission completed at Bangkok Bank CycleFest 11-12 Nov 2017. Another memorable experienced. It was such a great & challenging international competition. – Jirayu